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Wargaming Addresses World of Tanks Players’ Major Concerns in Latest Update

By Romanista77 , May 28, in Germany. I always see people using the , and almost never one of the 75s. What’s the reason for that? The mm simply gives the tank something no other tier 6 LT has.

9 Matchmaking Study – posted in Light Tanks: TIER VI is playing a VK for thousand games has to be a masochist:).

But I came across a question the other day. Someone was asking whether to grind the WZ or the WZ first, and conventional wisdom says just go for the Heavy tank. By contrast, there is not a single bad tank in the Chinese Medium tank line, unless you get hysterical over bad gun depression. Yes, the WZ only has three degrees. Not a huge gun, just a big one. A little bigger than average. The T is a curious little tank. The thing is tiny. Not only that, it also has a very slightly detuned version of the Type 59 mm, and remember this is tier VII.

The T actually has a bit of leftover Russian bias from the T To make up for all this goodness, you also have to deal with some classic Chinese drawbacks; mainly low-ish engine power, bad dispersion, and mediocre shell speed.

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VK on Test Server. Why oh why I would trade having scout matchmaking with the mm for this new version of the tank any day of the week. Am I the.

Jump to content. So I’ve just got my VK I’m leaning towards the 7. I started out with the Then I switched to the 7. Dang the luck. But then the next few games were not too bad. Anyone have an opinion on how good the VK I think my T37, T21 and MT are much better but I’ve only got 9 battles in so maybe it will get better.

1,000 Battle 8.9 Matchmaking Study

That our national industries lie at the root of national progress is recognized by library authorities, inasmuch as efforts are continually made to bring into prominence books on the useful and industrial arts, without, however, bringing under public notice biographies bearing very closely on the history and development of certain British trades and industries. Report bugs here. Please share your general feedback. You can join in the discussion by joining the community or logging in here.

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Edit: And the Sturer Emil, but that’s built on a VK(H) anyway. It’s one major notable downfall would be, it has general bad platoon matchmaking, Germany got the VK (yeah, originally a tier 5), with a high top.

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Best gun for VK 28.01?

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Bruh, the Bulldog is one of the best t7 lights. Its gun is GODLIKE. And the VK​01 is also fantastic. Also KV-2 is not even close to cancer anymore. Continue this​.

Source: Sir Havoc. The one where Sir Havoc takes on Ensk in the Vk The tactic is the same you would just need to be a bit slower moving forward until you know exactly where all the enemy tanks have been spotted. Please send replays you would like featured to: sir. Mitchell is a very young composer who I predict we will start hearing on Movie Sound Tracks very soon Why not sub and check him out?

I would have counted what I was seeing on the map and realized the East Flank was wide open, and it would have been game over.

Correct 8.9 MM table

For the previous post on the American scout line, read here. While there is a long line of light tanks in the U. Thus, candidates for higher tiers are few and of prototype variety.

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Jump to content. I have 2 tanks that lead to Leopard1, Aufkl. Panther Tier7 and VK They are new tank with stock every module. Panther is not good someone call it “Alful Panther”. They’re even willing to sacrifice those around themselves. By exposing that unsightly part of them, they can no longer get along.. I got 30k through the Awful Panther and it really is pretty bad. Go the VK line like mentioned above as you can still ram things with them with the added benefit of having normal MT matchmaking.

I think the XP mighht be even slightly less too from memory? OP I went down the medim line and never regretted it. Aufklargunspanzer Panther happens to be one of my favourite tanks.

WOTB: A Match Making in Heaven