Custom sizing Customers visiting our showroom to order a frame are sat upon a specially designed jig where skill, time and patience ensure a correct frame size and design – tailored to match the intended use of the cycle or frameset. The components to be used also play an important part of the frame order process, our framebuilders use the same model of component whilst building the frame to ensure that the finished frameset is built to suit you, your equipment and your cycling style. All of these minor details make sure that the complete cycle is the very best it can be. Craftsmanship From the first stage of taking your order to the final clear lacquer paint finish – each member of the Mercian team is committed to service to you, as well as the production of a high quality product. We all have passion for the lightweight and sleek machines that Mercian Cycles produce and with over years experience between the 9 team members – you can rely on their guidance, skill and expertise to produce the frame you really want. At Mercian’s frame-building workshop there are no production lines. The method of building our frames has barely altered since the very beginning of Mercian Cycles.

1963 Mercian King of Mercia

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Paul Smith and Mercian design tandem bike for Wallpaper* Handmade X of love: the frame was built specially for Smith and his wife Pauline.

Endurance road bikes offer comfort over long distances, but are usually closer to a race bike than a traditional touring bike. Adventure road and gravel bikes are robust and have wide, often knobbly tyres, disc brakes and even dropper seat posts — making them ideal for cycle tours that might venture off the beaten path. Endurance and adventure road bikes could both handle a cycle touring trip.

The traditional touring bike, however, is a breed all of its own. The ideal bike for your touring trip will depend upon the terrain you plan to cover and how much kit you want to take with you. If you click on this then we may receive a small amount of money from the retailer when you purchase the item.

Both come with a light weight alloy rear pannier carrier, sturdy and durable fixed chromoplastic mudguards and 32c schwalbe Marathon tyres, the only thing the Dawes Ultra Galaxy is missing is a touring map and rider. The mm rotor mechanical disc brakes are a more modern introduction with a nod to practicality, especially in the wet.

Information on how frame numbers of stolen bikes are stored

We are open for business as normal, but delivery time may be extended slightly for obvious reasons. Say hello Instagram Email us Find us. Custom build. Randonneur and touring.

Westfield Frame Numbers – Thread starter Mercian; Start date Nov 25​,

The custom Mercian Strada Speciale I originally ordered back in June , when I went to get measured up at the shop in Derby UK , is finally built and has now had all the components fitted. I’ve seen the frame “in the flesh” 2 weeks ago, when I went to drop off the components with them that I’ve been acquiring for the last 12 months, but not yet the finished bike – just this photograph they sent last week. Other lug lining 18 Gunmetal Grey Poly, as thought black seemed a bit stark.

Has vertical rear dropouts. Will take up to 28mm tyres. Chapeau sir.

Mercian Register

Ultra-performance bikes may all be made of carbon fibre these days, but many riders still swear by the ride feel and insouciant robustness of steel, especially in the form of modern, high-grade alloy steels that build into light, springy and comfortable frames. Here are some of our favourite steel-framed road bikes and gravel bikes. Most modern steel frames are made from chromium-molybdenum alloy steel.

a bit later than frame date but it makes it a very usable bike. Frame is currently at Mercian Cycles in Derby for full restoration. Two sets wheels.

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Just acquired a Mercian Road Bike

Photography: Daniel Stier. But then tandems do seem to invite adventures and accidents. I came off on the next corner and did pretty ghastly damage to my knee. It was an ambulance job. Smith is famous for his love of cycling, as well as another bike crash that, at the age of 17, changed the direction of his life and led him into fashion.

So when it came to Handmade, a bicycle made perfect sense.

The frame number, stamped on the BB shell, is Everything I’ve read about Mercian frame numbers says that either the first two or last two.

I have bought a secondhand mercian frame to be the base for my new touring build. Getting 2 forks with it — one in silver with higher rake to avoid toe overlap esp when using mudguards. The individual tubing and components for the frame are then set aside or ordered-in by a frame-builder and boxed ready for the build date. When the frame is ready for building, the frame-builder begins by filing the lugs; with skill and patience the lugs are cut and filed with hand-tools to create the cut-outs and intricate designs which make Mercian frames distinctive and beautiful.

The Vincitore lugs are crafted from plain lugs with spearpoints welded to the plain lugs then drilled, cut out and filed by hand for many hours to create the intricate distinctive look that is unique to a Mercian Vincitore Special. The Reynolds tubes are then carefully mitred and fitted into the lugs and placed against an alignment board where the builder can create the right angles for the frame.

The lugs and tubes are fitted together and the frame is pinned to hold securely in position while the frame is brazed in the open hearth. This part of the build process takes years of experience to perfect and has been passed down from frame-builder to frame-builder. Each frame-builder has their own preferred methods of manufacture, but Mercian believe their construction methods are the reasons why their frames have longevity.

It also means that if a frame tube is damaged in riding, it is possible to undo the brazing and replace a single tube or tubes without problem, meaning the frame can be repaired rather than buying a new one, giving me many years of pleasure.

21 of the best steel road bikes and frames to take a look at

Vintage Mercian bike frame. I believe this is a mercian superlight that mercian bike – to be completed. A mercian bike for restoration, the bike was originally red and someone attempted a restoration with blue hammerite and mismatched parts. Mercian bicycle in excellent used condition as seen.

Dear West Mercia Police,. Please could you advise on the following: 1. How are stolen bike frame numbers reported to you, stored in your.

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Best touring bikes 2020: tourers for adventures on two wheels

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In Mercian used the Vigorelli lugs on their track frame only but this must was resprayed in and the frame was stamped with the numbers

Side of head lugs and fork crown. Front of head lugs and head badge. Seat lug and top of seat stay. Unusual down tube transfer cascading. Fork crown identical to the model above. John Crump’s Mercian with long tangs added to the Nervex Professional lugs on the underside of top tube and down tube. He tells us the Mercian catalogue he owns does mention Super Bi-laminated on all lugs with 3″ extensions under all tubes.

A few notes on published sources and frame models will lend important background to Mercian history and point to lines of further enquiry. Of foremost interest to owners of older Mercians wishing to identify their machines is the fact that records for frames built before no longer exist; they are assumed to have been lost or discarded when Mercian moved shop in All sources agree that Mercian Cycles was founded in by Tom Crowther and Lou Barker, and that frame production started soon thereafter.

Westfield Columbia G519 Frame Numbers

This is a photo register of Mercian bicycle frames built before , maintained by a member of the Veteran-Cycle Club, Christopher Barbour. The intent of the Register is to help owners of older frames to identify their models, and to add to the historical understanding of Mercian Cycles. Photos are used by permission. Submissions of pre Mercian frames are encouraged and received with gratitude.

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Discussion boards hosted by Cycling UK. Quick links. Frame identity General cycling advice NOT technical! I bought the frame from the Gloucester bike project on e. A photo would help a great deal. Mercian have records of their serial numbers, and generally their numbers have three digits plus another two designating the year. Mine is xxx86 meaning it’s a frame. They also have a separate single digit number – mine is 3 – and this tells you the person’s number who made the frame.

Who “No3” was in I don’t know, but I’d like to meet him. I have a Revel frame that I bought from a local newspaper ad. Apparently Revell was an in house brand of Freeway which eventually became Madison.

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Mercian Cycles began as a cycle shop in London Road, Derby in Shortly afterwards Mercian frames were being built in a small workshop in Castle Street, off London Road. He wrote:.

Mercian bicycle for sale ✅ Vintage Mercian bike frame: 19 £ | Mercian Super sure of the date) but stamped under the frame. here we have for sale my mercian​.

Hi – I made the trip to Derby last week for a bike fit at Mercian Cycles – it’s my 50th birthday next year which is when the bike will be ready and will also be 10 years since I got rid of my last car and all the associated expenses so I’ve decided to treat myself. After discussing tubing material and my requirements with Grant, I ended up choosing Reynold Pro Team, which Grant thought would work well in that configuration for my size I’m 5’8″, 74Kg and requirements even over steel!

I did consider as an alternative a King of Mercian, but with “road” geometry, but the Strada seems to be more what I’m after. The other option would be internal routing, but that would cost quite a bit more and I didn’t really like the idea. I still have time to change my mind, though, if this seems like a bad idea! Anyway, he looked at the old drawings I had from my Hewitt Cheviot bike fit to get a general ball-park for my sizing though obviously the geometry is different for a touring bike , then told me to pop on their fitting jig.

Unfortunately although I had the pedals I would be putting on the bike Campagnolo Pro Fit , I didn’t have the shoes not bought them yet! Sometime was spent with me pedaling on the jig and grant observing my stance as I pedaled, me getting off whilst he made adjustments, then repeating this until he felt that I was “looking good” and it also felt right to me.

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